Brand protection

The purpose

A brand builds a company’s reputation. The brand will make the company known through their clients and through a wider audience. Whatever products or services the company provides, the clients will instinctively remember the values conveyed by the brand. Therefore, the brand must be easy to remember and illustrate the company’s values. The brand must be understandable by anyone coming from any country.

Considering globalisation, the brand must be well protected to avoid copyright infringement or misuse.

Our contribution

As brand is crucial to a company and its different branches, an external expertise is absolutely required. In order to be protected a brand has to respect a few criteria. We help you choose the right copyright. By example, a common French word won’t fit the French legislation and the brand would not be protected. Other rules apply for foreign countries in terms of selling products safely and avoiding counterfeiting.

Our services

First, we define what the values of the company are and how to spread them around the world depending on how the client wishes it to be communicated. Visuals and corporate guidelines will be visualised, setting a plan of action.

Innovaxiom will conduct all necessary approaches to make sure the chosen brand does not already exist and is able to be registered and protected in the targeted territories.

A brand is also part of a company’s assets as they can be bought and sold. Innovaxiom also provides advice if you make the decision to buy or sell.

At the end of the action

The company and its products will have its values made easily identifiable and part of your brand, this will make sure you are easily recognisable to your audience. Furthermore, our copyright policy will ensure that your company is safe against anybody trying to steal and misuse your identity and brand.

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