Community management

The purpose

Our target is to spread your content. We will help you use social media as a technological and competitive tool. We will also make your brand more visible on the Internet. This is the best way for you to stay up-to-date and manage the company’s communication strategy.

Our contribution

Community management does not only consist in posting daily articles, an efficient community manager knows how to stay tuned, follow business trends and opinion leaders, target the audience accurately and act quickly with an established strategy. Innovaxiom is specialised in science, research and industry.

Our services

The first stage consists in defining which social media networks are most adaptable to your goal. We will help you choose between Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube… One or several of them might fit your strategy depending on the context and your target audience.

Innovaxiom can manage your social media networks and post as often as you would like us to, ranging from daily to weekly. During special events, we propose a reinforced service to provide community management that will allow you to interact better with your audience. We advise you to follow relevant and reliable accounts to keep up with trends and actuality in your area.

Finally, we regularly analyse the impact of our community management activities so that if issues were to arise, we can readapt our strategy as soon as possible to solve them.

At the end of the action

You will publish the most up to date technological and competitive news, share content and influence your targets. Your brand or your event will be as visible as possible. You will have access to instant news about technological advances and the positions of your competitors.

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