Corporate identity

The purpose

The aim is to give your company a visual and acoustic identity which are coherent and represent it perfectly.

Our contribution

We use multi-sensorial marketing to stimulate emotions and impulses in customers and incite them to purchase. Here we will concentrate on the senses of sight and hearing, which are particularly effective in terms of communication. Your strengths and weaknesses dictate how you perform in your markets. Our analysis reveals those strengths and weaknesses at all levels: management, R&D, manufacturing, human resources, finance, logistics, etc. We also take into account the economic, political and legal environment.

Our services

Visual identity Your brand’s visual identity is created through your choice of graphics: logo, font, colors, designs, textures, brilliance, transparency, etc. Each of these attributes gives your brand part of its unique style, representing your “personality” and your activity. Our teams pay particular attention to these attributes to ensure that your graphic identity reflects the image you want to convey for your company.

The logo, the brand’s “identity photo” Our teams can create your logo for you. The logo is a major element of the brand’s identity and needs to be striking enough to be easily remembered. It is a graphical expression of the company culture. Like a coat of arms, it carries its designs, its colors and its motto. As it represents the company’s values, it should be original, easily recognizable, readable and acceptable to the public from the moment it is created. Since one of its purposes is to reinforce the company’s image, it is difficult to change as customers will need to be “re-educated”. However a change of logo can translate a revival of the company or indicate a new direction. Innovaxiom often use this technique when a company wants to wants to communicate a change of strategy.

Acoustic identity Some companies make use of a musical theme that they include in every one of their advertisements. This jingle is an acoustic signature that complements the brand, the logo and the tag-line. Our teams aim to create in the customer an aural “reflex” recall of your brand. It enhances both the recognition and the reputation of your company.

At the end of the action

Your company has a brand and tag-line that represent your business and values and the image you want to promote. They and any jingle we create contribute to customer brand-recognition and loyalty and hence to the prosperity of the company.

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