Critical thinking

The purpose

The aim of the training is to improve your reasoning and data research; be initiated into cognitive bias; take into account others’ influence on our thinking; learn how to avoid our own psyche’s traps.

Our contribution

Two speakers host this training. One is a mathematician and researcher in cognitive thoughts, the other is a specialist of fake news, irrationality in beliefs and social influence. They provide theoretical presentations and explain with practical experiments and illustrate their examples with videos. The participants are also offered to participate in short exercises.

Our services

This training is delivered to a group of 8 to 10 and is one day long. The lecture is divided in two parts: 1. Other’s influence and irrational beliefs: - Influence and manipulation, definition and how to hold out against it - How the Internet encourages the emergence and the diffusion of fake beliefs - Reciprocal influences within a group 2. Rationality: - The two ways of thinking - Perception of randomness and probabilities - Decision making using approximation

At the end of the action

You will have an increased understanding in the mechanisms involved in decision making.

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