Ideas and constructs

New ideas sessions

The purpose

Creativity allows us to analyse and explore all possibilities. We use knowledge, experience, culture, expertise and creativity resources to provide new and effective solutions.

Our contribution

We encourage creativity to be developed and implemented. We host emerging ideas lectures dedicated to solving concrete issues. Innovaxiom can organise teams, including employees, with a clear aim of improving discussion, debate and outcomes.

Our services

Our creative sessions are 3 hours long. During this process knowledge is gained which will help the individuals to overcome their problem and lead them to a final and concrete solution. If the problem is not well established at the beginning of the session, the first part of the lecture will consist of defining it. This step is called the ‘trimming’.

The basic principles of creativity are explained so that they can be implemented within your project, your company or your business plan as soon as possible. Here the preparation stage can start. We will teach you how to apply the ‘Aristotle method’, the associative process’, the ‘six hats’ technique’, the ‘analogy and dreamlike methods’ etc…

The next stage called the divergence stage, will make the participant create a plethora of contents. Those ideas will be summed up, cut, crossed and superposed during the synthesis and building stage.

The lectures are intensive as interactions between the facilitator and the group are constant.

At the end of the action

The creativity session ends with a presentation of solutions to the initial problem. The proposals will be the result of the work of each participant. The purpose of the session is to imagine new projects, concepts and solutions suggested by the participants.

A full illustrated report is produced during the session to summarise the suggested improvements. This report is used to analyse the different stages that gave rise to the operational solutions.

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