Ideas and constructs


The purpose

A partnership can be defined as an association of several entities to achieve a goal that is inaccessible to each one separately. It involves building a special relationship between the entities, bringing together their resources and their efforts in a way that is of benefit to both. The resources of one complement the other in various ways: technical resources and scientific resources; business and finance; coverage of geographical sectors; product and market presence, etc. Of course, governments the world over encourage all types of partnerships, as the community also benefits from the dynamism they generate.

Our contribution

Research and development partnerships have taken on a particular form:

Innovaxiom facilitates the interactions between those two world that are research and industry.

Our services

First of all, the company defines and validates its project and the external resources required.

Working from the profile of the ideal partner, we identify the real contenders from a precise evaluation of their potential to contribute to the project (resources, shared values, aptitude for the form of partnership…).

Finally, we present the project to the prospective partners, underlining clearly the viability of the project and the mutual benefits.

Sustained dialogue and a solid dossier are essential, whatever skills are required from the potential partner financing, scientific know-how, familiarity with markets or communication media, etc). And of course we’ll assist with finding an appropriate legal framework for the partnership, with a fair split of rewards and clear protection of intellectual property claims, whilst avoiding locking the parties into too rigid a relationship…

At the end of the action

Your management team has a more serene approach to inevitable changes: they have been prepared to manage change and can see how to turn those challenges into opportunities.

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