The purpose

To produce a high-quality photo gallery of your event. We also offer specific services of photo reporting in your work place (laboratory, industrial production areas etc..). Therefore, you will be able to promote your activities in print or online to increase brand awareness and gain an edge over the competition.

Our contribution

Innovaxiom is the proud owner of multiple top of the range HD cameras and lenses which allow us to film in extreme conditions such as high luminosity, high speed shooting and macro. You can check out our work online at: www. Innovaxiom also has a dedicated editing team to make sure your photos are up to touch.

Our services

We carry out photo reports to promote your equipment, products, teams, premises and factories. We also operate during events, inaugurations or fairs. We adapt our services to our clients’ specific needs. You can picture a scenario for your photo report to fit your design brief.

At the end of the action

Innovaxiom delivers a private link to your photo report in less than 24 hours through our www. website. You will then be able to see and download any of your photos in high-definition.

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