Ideas and constructs


The purpose

The aim is to produce a prototype that complements the initial specifications. The prototype can be produced as a single copy or can be used in the production of ‘short runs’. The prototype will help validate technical parameters and test performances depending on configuration changes. Practical improvements can be easily made after a survey conducted with a panel of potential users. Owning a prototype is also a valuable asset to convince investors to participate in the product’s industrial and commercial potential. The prototype can also be used internally for research.

Our contribution

One of our jobs is to enhance the synergy between technological and scientific knowledge and we thus provide specialised advice in various subjects at any one time.

For example, we offer advice in the following subjects: mechatronics, electronics, material science, energy, laser-optic measurement systems and artificial intelligence. Our structure is flexible and we have created, over many years, strong partnerships with competent and renowned experts and laboratories to create and produce unique and custom-made prototypes. We are dedicated to using the newest and most adaptable technologies to help you build your product.

Our services

Innovaxiom will make its experience and knowledge available in order to support new ideas and solutions applicable to your needs.

Initially Innovaxiom will provide a feasibility and facilities study. Once the specifications are validated, a confidentiality agreement will be signed. If the prototype leads you to patent your ideas, Innovaxiom will consider the need to protect your ideas at this stage. Innovaxiom’s team works in project mode. Each production stage is specified and followed up. Regular meetings are usually scheduled to ensure perfect coordination between partners until the prototype’s delivery.

At the end of the action

Once you have a tested the prototype, we offer to carry out further research and organise meetings with a potential investor or investors to build a partnership and develop your project.

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