The art of the communication

The purpose

The training aims to teach you how to present yourself, lay out a research project, speak of one’s area of expertise, showcase one’s company activities, its know-how, its projects, its products… And make it sound attractive and interesting. The training is one-day long.

Our contribution

We propose to improve the quality of your written and oral statements. You will be able to use the right tools and methods to be more relevant, evoking and efficient. This training is divided into three stages: redaction, conception and presentation. During a training exercise, we film the participants to help them improve their posture and elocution.

Our services

We come to your work place to train your staff during a single day. The training is divided in three parts:

At the end of the action

The participant will use all the tools and methods supplied to make their speech as clear and persuasive as possible. The speech will be published in text and sent to the participant.

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