The purpose

Broadcast video reports can be recorded in different formats depending on their use. Short broadcast videos will likely be used to present your company, a concept, to highlight a technical innovation, a project, an idea or to promote a new book or an oncoming conference. Longer broadcast videos are used to share a conference, a round table or a meeting. The recordings are made in France and abroad.

Our contribution

Your videos will be embedded into your company’s website and shared on all available social networks. Our contribution can be summed up in two words: dynamism and conviviality. Broadcast videos are the most efficient way to share you content and reach your audience online. Our referencing team will ensure your videos are at the top of online searches.

Our services

Innovaxiom helps define the format of your videos depending on their purpose, content and the audience you are targeting. Our team can help you write a few lines so that you can present your video. Innovaxiom will write down a short interview, created with the project’s holder, or help you formulate a clear presentation. Innovaxiom has hi-tech filming equipment which can guarantee HD video footage and sound quality even whilst recording in harsh conditions. Photo reports are automatically associated with each recording to diversify the visuals of your video when it comes to editing. Editing is as important as the filming stage. When slides are used by a lecturer they are included in the video to allow the viewer a better understanding of the conference. Once the video is ready to be posted, we will decide which social media platform you will post it too, depending on your personal preferences (educational, advertising…). We offer to showcase your videos by referencing, indexing and sharing it on your chosen social media platforms.

At the end of the action

Innovaxiom looks to provide you with reliable information that will increase your knowledge, share ideas and participate with think tanks.

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