Event organization

The purpose

An event is planned with a precise goal in mind. For it to be considered a real success, not only should that goal be reached, but the organization of the event should also be faultless: the result needs to contribute to the image that you want to project of your company and your products. Indirectly, through extensive, in-depth and lasting media coverage, the event will reach others who did not participate.

Our contribution

Organizing an event is a specialist activity: every detail is important, so the assistance of a professional is indispensible. Innovaxiom helps you guarantee the success of your project by managing the main activities: the aim of the event, its target public, publicity campaigns and management of the people involved. By planning down to the smallest detail, we reduce the risk of unforeseen events and having to improvise. Not least of all, Innovaxiom adds that touch of imagination that makes an event memorable. At the same time we keep a close eye on your budget: your investment is optimized for immediate results and longer-term returns.

Our services

Innovaxiom helps you bring the event to life as you imagine it, putting the emphasis on the goals and expected results. Before the event, Innovaxiom defines exactly how the event will play out in the minutest detail. We follow a rigorous project plan. Innovaxiom operates at different stages to: - Target your audience - Find a location for your event and book it for you - Set up an adapted schedule - Help organise your event, fully or partly (reception, restaurant services…) - Promote your event online through social media - Design posters and ensure you media coverage - Record and broadcast your event - Deliver a photo report of your event After the event, Innovaxiom analyzes the results for you and helps you draw conclusions. Innovaxiom suggests how to extend this success, ensuring that there is a prolonged media echo and that your invitees, guests and partners remain loyal.

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