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Spatial experimentation laboratory

This Foundation builds a network of multidisciplinary exchanges to stimulate new ideas, multiply access to comprehension and give birth to new concepts.



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Reinforce the color and the meaning of your contents thanks to these moments captured through the whole. Illustrate a book, an article, a poster.

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TimeWorld est un congrès scientifique mondial. TimeWorldEvent intrique expertise et intelligences connectées pour générer de nouvelles idées en science. Il expose et anime la science sous toutes ses formes, théoriques, appliquées et prospectives. TimeWorld 2021 aura lieu à Paris, au Cnam, du 21 au 23 janvier. Cette édition abordera la thématique du hasard : le hasard mesuré, le hasard du vivant, le hasard perçu, le hasard dans l’Art. TimeWorld propose 90 conférences-défi, 6 tables rondes, une exposition, des dédicaces et 3 spectacles d'exception.

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Network of knowledge and ideas in Sciences

Brainers share knowledge, expertise, cultures, sentivities and opinions. They talk to companies, Research Centers, Universities...



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« We all agree our theory is crazy, but is it crazy enough? »

Niels Bohr

« Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. »

Arthur Koestler

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« Meeting Innovaxiom’s founder was immediately thrilling and allowed me to instantly reach a professional and effective environment. Discussions, caring listening, enlightening ideas, networking, actions, multiple connections, techics and means very quickly put in place, with elegant simplicity. This is not a dream but a reality experienced with Innovaxiom! Thank you and long live the collective intelligence that you inspire in everyone, that enriches our planet and hopefully in the future the other planets of the solar system! »

Cathy Specht - Artist

« Innovaxiom puts the most sophisticated science and the most renowned actors’ speeches within everybody’s grasp. This company focuses on representing the diversity of themes, sensitivities and scientists’ perspectives to meet a vast spectrum of audiences’ interests. Innovaxiom always acts with rigour and quality. Innovaxiom opens a window to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge and looks to reveal what the future may look like. This is a splendid initiative. »

Francis Albarede - Geochemistry teacher at ENS Lyon

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