Public relations

The purpose

Building a steady, lasting relationship with the media - the printed word, TV, radio, both mass media and specialized – is a sure way to have access to influential voices well-placed to promote your products, events and innovations.

Our contribution

By producing short, regular and clear press releases that are directly usable by journalists, we make it easier for them to collect information and undertake research. We also put together more detailed press kits, which provide the opportunity to go into depth about a topic or a product and to discuss the industrial context or market positioning. Your company’s unique selling propositions are of course featured in all these documents.

Our services

Innovaxiom maintains very good relations with scientific, industrial and professional journalists. That means we can offer you media coverage that meets, and probably goes beyond, your expectations. Our services include writing press releases, which can be validated, if needed, by your communications department. We prepare press kits. When we organize press conferences or breakfast press briefings, we invite our principal contacts in the press. Most of them attend the majority of our events. Innovaxiom also proposes written interviews or videos. They are very much appreciated by journalists, who only have to note down the replies given by the company’s directors. The interviews can be put on line on your company website. In that way they become available very quickly to a very wide audience. This modern, interactive way of publishing information is increasingly being adopted by companies, which see in it a dynamic and innovative way of publicizing their products and business.

At the end of the action

You have at your disposal written documents or videos that provide information directly to journalists. You can use these as the basis for press conferences or for email campaigns incorporating podcasts.

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