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15-16 March 2018, Nice, France

Studies on complex systems have emerged during the recent decades. The origin, evolution, and expression of asymmetry became an essential part of numerous complex systems.

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« If you're not failing every now and again, it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative. »

Woody Allen

« Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist of creating out of void, but out of chaos »

Mary Shelley

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« The convivial spirit of our discussions, your great ability to listen and your presence are signs of passion of your work as well as your will to do well in order to satisfy your clients and partners. The research of new ideas is not to be opposed to professionalism: on the contrary, it is one of its major component. »

Yann Barbaux - Innovation Works director - Airbus

« We are living an astonishing age in human history. The tremendous development of fundamental knowledge evolution leads to a real human mutation. Instantaneous communication and social networks have completely transformed relationships between intelligent beings on planet Earth. This quick evolution of collective thinking is sometimes hard to follow. But it remains indispensable to emancipate oneself from ambient paradigms, to create and innovate in a constructive state of mind for the future. Innovaxiom helps innovation, the discovery of new ideas in a collective framework, participation in experiences’ and diverse cultures’ crossing, creativity. Innovaxiom is willing to takes risks in order to tackle constructive challenges. Innovaxiom also actively participates in the great adventure of the universe. Since its very first moments, the universe has been evolving in a rising complexity and we are part of this evolution. I personally found this state of mind through the communication actions of Innovaxiom. It is rare to conciliate with such joy to find a simultaneous vision of fundamental research and applied technological research. Innovaxiom is ten years old. Long live Innovaxiom! »

Sylvie Vauclair - Astrophysicist

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