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This Foundation builds a network of multidisciplinary exchanges to stimulate new ideas, multiply access to comprehension and give birth to new concepts.



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27-30 mars 2018 - Paris Nord - Villepinte

INDUSTRIE s’emploie à rapprocher une offre de savoir-faire, d’innovations et une demande en solutions pour une meilleure productivité et compétitivité. Classé au Top 5 des salons industriels européens grâce à la variété de son offre et à l’importance de sa fréquentation, INDUSTRIE est aujourd’hui le plus grand événement dédié à l’industrie en France.

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Network of knowledge and ideas in Sciences

Brainers share knowledge, expertise, cultures, sentivities and opinions. They talk to companies, Research Centers, Universities...



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« Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. »

Lord Kelvin

« A problem is a chance for you to do your best. »

Duke Ellington

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« To me, Innovaxiom represents the most innovative and dynamic example of an educational company. In science or in arts, through conferences or online recorded talks, Innovaxiom made a collective bank of knowledge. The company offers a lively and exciting image of academic research, their theoretical parameters and their societal impact. An adventure which is surely just starting... »

Moreno Andreatta - Music mathematician - Head of Research Department of CNRS

« The convivial spirit of our discussions, your great ability to listen and your presence are signs of passion of your work as well as your will to do well in order to satisfy your clients and partners. The research of new ideas is not to be opposed to professionalism: on the contrary, it is one of its major component. »

Yann Barbaux - Innovation Works director - Airbus

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