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This Foundation builds a network of multidisciplinary exchanges to stimulate new ideas, multiply access to comprehension and give birth to new concepts.



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1-5 October 2018 - Bremen

The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) consists of a scientific conference program and a space exhibition. It is the one time of the year opportunity when about 4,000 space actors from all over the world come together.

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Network of knowledge and ideas in Sciences

Brainers share knowledge, expertise, cultures, sentivities and opinions. They talk to companies, Research Centers, Universities...



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« When you get a result that you expect, you have another result; but when you get a result that you don't expect, you have a discovery. »

Frank Westheimer

« And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk even more. »

Erica Jong

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« Innovaxiom combines a consistency in its quality of scientific news and has a capacity to negotiate that inspires respect. Innovaxiom’s team are determined, efficient and passionate people, with who we can talk about science, communication or extravehicular travel in space. They provide the link between technological precision and the art for human relationships. »

Michel Tognini - Astronaut

« Innovaxiom represents a universe of possibilities and imagination. The men and women of this company are at the forefront in multiple areas of science and technology. They explain it through magic, comics or shows. With Innovaxiom, it is possible to understand Thomas Pesquet’s missions while considering colonizing nearplanetary thanks to space light speed space travels. But the main asset of this company is to know how to link science such as physics and mathematics with human sciences like law, philosophy as well as shows. With Innovaxiom, nothing is impossible. Your imagination is the limit. »

Louis Janicot - ESSEC’s Law expert

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